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DIRECTOOO is a platform for influencers, businesses, and charity organizations that help facilitate the easy transfer of money for a product or service being provided.”

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DIRECTOOO is an application-based platform for sellers, purchasers, merchants, service providers and consumers; it will be uniform and trouble-free way to advertise and sell products online.

DIRECTOOO utilizes a consolidation that allows online merchants and influencers to instantly profit, offering consumers a convenient, centralized online location to browse, discover, and purchase.

  • Helping charity organizations by giving a percentage for every transaction made.
  • Offering a platform for online businesses
  • Influencers to generate income through content creation or selling a product or service.
  • A free service that will allow you to control all your social media platforms under one umbrella.
  • Offer free lancers to generate extra income by providing services.

Key Features

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Influencers marketing their content and selling a piece of content through various special requests.


Services that providers can do for the people around them,


Helps you create and complete all the transactions necessary.


Selling products or services through the Directooo Platform


Be a part of corporate social responsibility, the money you are generating is also helping charities from all around the world that you support.


Users will be able to pay and view content through a special ticketing system.

How it Works

Easy to Navigate

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